Accurate Corrosion Assessment & Monitoring
The easiest to use corrosion sensor available to reduce and manage your corrosion costs.
  • Is your most important equipment vulnerable to corrosion?
  • Do you have remote equipment locations exposed to the elements?
  • Would you prefer to know in advance of unnecessary down time?
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  • Cross Sectional View

Corrometer - The Only Visually Indicating Atmospheric Corrosion Sensor

What Is A Corrometer™?

The Corrometer™ is a new corrosion "sensor" designed to respond and advise of deterioration in electronic components and other susceptible equipment.


How Is A Corrometer™ Used?

The Corrometer™ can be used to monitor sensitive equipment near reactors, boilers, HVAC and electrical cabinets.


How Does It Work?

The sensor’s annunciator is a calibrated sliding scale (0%, no corrosion ­100%, totally corroded) display providing early warning before problems arise.


Minnesota CUP 2014 Semifinalist

Paul Jaeger and the Corrometer have won 2014 Semifinalist Minnesota Cup presented by Dave & Carolyn Cleveland And The Holmes Center For Entrepreneurship.

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Field Trials: Corrometer's working in the field.

Traffic signal corrosion monitoring part 1

Corrosion monitoring using Corrometer's, one Corrometer has a corrosion inhibiting film the other does not. We'll see how corrosive the elements like the salty snow and rain are in this unprotected traffic post. Location is Minneapolis MN.

Traffic signal corrosion monitoring part 2

More info on the features of a Corrometer.

Traffic signal corrosion monitoring part 3

Corrometer's at an industrial intersection in Minneapolis MN monitoring corrosion of copper wires in a traffic signal post. One Corrometer is protected with a protective coating the other is not. Corrosion rates reported after 3 weeks in service.

The Corrometer™

The Corrometer™ can reduce costs for replacing parts, unscheduled field service work, warranty claims, packaging verification. It is the ultimate asset surveillance tool so you will know how to properly protect your assets from premature corrosion failures.

The Corrometer™ is an effective and economical way to detect corrosion. Additionally, it is a good indicator to determine that your chosen corrosion protection system is working. The device can show when the environmental conditions are severe enough to cause corrosion, which is the usual "root cause" for failures in reliability and asset losses. The Corrometer™ is to corrosion, what a smoke detector is to fire, it will let you know that something needs to be done before the entire asset is lost.

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